Our Pilots

All of our pilots are enrolled in Flight Safety’s full-service program, which requires that they TRAIN at least twice a year in order to meet the provisions of VIP Diplomats Air Charters FAA-approved TRAINING program. Pilots are trained in simulators on a multitude of in-flight emergencies, and the course is not successfully completed until a pilot is proficient at handling every situation presented by the examiner. In addition all pilots:

  • Must pass BACKGROUND CHECKS, and enroll in Diplomats Air Charters random drug and alcohol testing program.
  • Must maintain a first class MEDICAL CERTIFICATION, which requires a complete physical examination every six months by an FAA-approved medical examiner.
  • Must take initial and recurrent SECURITY TRAINING in accordance with our TSA-approved TRAINING program.
  • Must take initial and recurrent training in accordance with Diplomats Air Charters FAA-approved training program.
  • Participate in an FAA-approved training program, which includes emergency hands-on drill training at our facility. Pilots must demonstrate complete proficiency with the aircraft emergency equipment on the actual aircraft they operate.

Are tested annually on their knowledge of VIP Diplomats Air Charters Operations Manual, Federal Aviation Regulations, and security procedures.